Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Copies of the Original Trilogy in Spanish!

Hello, readers!

More exciting news! For the next 4 days, the Spanish-language version of the original Dragon Stone Saga trilogy will be available for free. Since the English-language version has done so well, I wanted to make my book more accessible for other readers. If you saw my last post, you already know that I'm offering the first three books, Dragon Stones, Return of the Dragon Riders, and Vosper's Revenge, for free as well. I'm extending that deal to the Spanish box set as well!

Remember, this is a limited offer! If you visit my official website and click the In Spanish link, you'll find the links to the first trilogy, plus a Spanish-language version of the first book of the Tallin Chronicles, The Balborite Curse. If you or somebody you know is a fantasy-lover who enjoys reading in Spanish, be sure to take advantage of this deal before time runs out. These box sets will only be free for a few days, so hurry!

-Kristian Alva

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Big News about the New Release and the Original Trilogy!

Hello, Readers!

I have quite a few things to announce today! So many great things have been happening with the Dragon Stone series and I hope you will be as excited about the news as I am.

First things first--Brinsop's Brood is now available on Amazon, both as a regular e-book and as a special Kindle Unlimited edition. This story follows a fan-favorite character, Sela Matu, as she journeys through the Death Sands to reunite with Brinsop, who has gone to the desert to nest and care for her brood. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

As excited as I am for this new release, I'm just as thrilled to say that my original trilogy has been very successful on Amazon lately. For this reason, I have decided to set up a special limited-time offer for the entire box set. Starting today, the first trilogy, which includes Dragon Stones, Return of the Dragon Riders, and Vosper's Revenge, will be absolutely free on the Kindle. My hope is that lots of new readers will pick up the box set and share it with each other. My work has always been geared mainly towards middle-grade readers, so if you know a young reader who enjoys fantasy, now is the perfect time to get these three books. The offer ends soon, though, so hurry!

Lastly, I would like to draw a little attention to my Twitter account. If you want to see the latest news on my books, click this link and follow me on Twitter. I post fairly often on the progress I'm making and I always share special offers as soon as I make them available.

I'm very happy with my fans and readers who have enjoyed my books and it's always a pleasure to hear your kind words. I'll be working on my next trilogy soon! Until then, I hope you all enjoy Brinsop's Brood.

All the best,

Kristian Alva