Thursday, November 1, 2012

I am Participating in NaNoWriMo!

Happy November everyone! It's that time of year again, where the air gets cold, the leaves fall from the trees, and my car has a layer of frost on the windshield! One of the best things about November is the start of the NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.

The NaNo is an annual writing competition that challenges writers to complete a novel in 30 days. I am always working on something, but I love the spirit of this event and the opportunity and freedom it gives to writers.

 The NaNo is followed almost immediately by Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, which is a great opportunity for unknown writers to get their work noticed.

You will start seeing information about the 2013 Novel Awards sometime in January. Please take the time to check out both of these amazing competitions, and spread the word. It's so important to so many writers, especially those who are just starting their careers.

 In other news, I finally joined Facebook. I know, it's taken a long time... but my husband thought it was a good idea and I have to admit that sometimes he's right! I hope you will stop by my new Facebook page and say hello.

  Kristian Alva

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