Friday, October 7, 2011

Sad About Steve Jobs

Hello all. I cried when Steve Jobs died. I took it pretty hard, which is so strange, because I never met him. Like many others, I felt like I knew him, because his creations were (and still are) such a big part of my life.

A Mac Performa was my first computer ever; I bought it for $2,500 (an enormous sum to me at the time, and more expensive than my first car, by far). I looked at Steve's picture-- the one that they used as a tribute on the Apple website, and I cried.

The universe plants these visionaries on earth and then strips them away from us. Maybe it's a test so that we can appreciate the loss of something really inspirational and greater than ourselves. I guess I knew that it was coming, I had listened to the news of his declining health for a long time. I guess I never imagined that it would happen this soon. He stepped down from his position at Apple just a few weeks ago, and now he's gone.

Neil Diamond said it so succinctly... iSad.

Now, for my own news, the paperback of Return of the Dragon Riders is available on Amazon. The Kindle and Nookbook versions will be available by the end of October.

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