Sunday, July 10, 2011

Got a Kindle!

I finally got a Kindle! It arrived in on my doorstep yesterday. I spent about an hour learning how to use it, and then realized that I never plugged in the charger all the way, so I got a battery warning (it comes partially charged).

Anyway, it's lovely. I took it with me to the pool today, wrapped in a ziplock bag. My son splashed me with water and it was as right as rain.

I'm currently reading Face the Winter Naked, a wonderful depression-era novel. It's one of the best books I've picked up this year. It's free on Amazon for a limited time, so get it if you like historical fiction. I think you'll like it.


  1. Wow, it looks awesome. I was actuallyu drooling over a kindle at Radio Shack and my sister had to drag me away from it, lol. I've been debating about getting one though for a while. Especially since books are SO much cheaper to buy on there instead of paying four extra bucks for them.

    Anyway, thanks for your post. It's defintely got me leaning towards getting it.

  2. I decided on a Nook Color last year & love it. I have the Kindle app on my iPhone & Kindle for PC on my computer. We're thinking of either getting a Kindle or an iPad so we can have the best of the BN & Amazon books with a bigger screen than what's on the iPhone! We're not sure yet though. I still like paper books too, but I'm so glad I got the Nook Color. I downloaded a bunch of older books from Project Gutenberg on it too. I have over 500 books on it right now! I'll probably die before I read all of them - especially b/c I keep adding to my TBR list too! I love the technology of eReaders though!

  3. oh.... by the way.... we're about 1/2 way through Dragon Stones & we're loving every page!! I even got my husband to read some of it with us last night!

  4. Enjoy your new toy! The Kindle is a great investment, plus Amazon gives away so many free books, almost daily it seems these days (I know since I hunt the free books out and post about them on my blog).